Building mobile-friendly high functioning websites that are easy to self-manage and deliver results. From logo to launch we can help you a little or a lot. We do it for you or teach you how.

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In brief what we do

Create websites

A website needs to meet business goals and create a good experience for your visitors. We help you figure out what to say, when to say it using well considered words and visuals. All our websites have rich functionality and are easy to self-manage.

Build online strategies

A website is best when it is part of an online strategy. A strategy clarifies your ideal customers and how to reach them through all the different channels on offer. It guides the choice of words and images and identifies where to focus time and money.


Join one of our workshops to create your own professional website. We create a plan and then get to work on it. You will learn lots and get lots done.

Social media

Once you have your website you need to reach out and invite people in. We can help. We work together to chose from the different channels from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. It’s like an internet itinerary where you meet and greet along the way!

The bits-in-between

We can help fill in the gaps. Just need a logo, or some web editing. Or perhaps a lesson on how to make changes to your website. We can help get get you flowing in the right direction.

Copy writing

We like to groom copy so it becomes web appropriate, SEO friendly and suitable to your audience. We can teach you how to do this or we can edit your copy.

The wonder website

With a wonder website you get our expertise in the important places and up-skilled and supported to do the content yourself. It begins with the all important discovery session followed by a one-on-one. The we set up your website. Every website is rich in features and functionality and reflects your business. It’s the do-it-yourself option with experts to guide you through.

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Add-ons offer some specific functionality that your website may need. Or if you would prefer a custom-made website lets chat.

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