The wonder website: Is a collaborative effort where our expertise guides the important decisions but you do most of the work. It is an efficient and effective way to create a great website for your business.

Wonder website snapshot

The process begins with a discovery session, followed by a one-on-one session to fill in any gaps. Understanding your business goals and audience lets up create a website structure for you to follow. Once we get your go ahead we set you up.

Start on the worksheet

Every wonder website comes with


WordPress is the most widely used website system. Used well it is robust and beautiful. We select plugins for security, backups and design that we think are the best out there. We do our best to stay up-to-date with whats on offer.

A gorgeous theme

We have some great themes for you to choose from and can provide one to best meet your business needs.


Web copy editing

Well chosen words are engaging and help create a rewarding experience for your visitor as they move through your website. We offer 30 minutes of web copy editing to keep you brief and on point. But you will need to do the hard work!



Security is critical and while nothing is 100% safe we do our best by using quality plug ins to keep your website tucked up and safe.


We select six images suitable for your business and you get to use as many of those images as you like.

Search engine optimisation

We set up Yoast with all websites. It is a difficult to achieve high search engine visibility due to lots of competition but it is a good start.

Steps along the way

The usual process

  1. Fill out the worksheet so we understand your business and then we can talk to clarify more details and recommend a way forward for you.
  2. If you choose to go ahead 50% payment required.
  3. You email your copy and images so we can create your website.
  4. We give you a login and username so you can make changes.
  5. When it’s complete you make the final payment and then it goes live!


We host your website for $35 per month. This comes with 15 minutes each month of checks and requests. Such as new email addresses. Unused time is not carried forward.

Things Google

Google has many great tools including ways to attract visitors with paid ad words, professional email services, and analytics to see who is visiting your site and for how long. Great tools are available both free and paid for. We can help set you up and guide you with some of their products.