In Essentials Training you will quickly move towards having the website you need for your business. The training is tailored to where you are up to. It is valuable whether you starting from scratch or are you after a makeover for your existing website.

Everyone is at different stages and we start by creating a realistic plan together. Then we see what we can achieve for the current session and get to work.

  • We will get though as much of the following as we can:
  • Set up your domain name
  • Some design ideas clarified like colours and layout
  • Establish general layout like choosing a theme
  • Create a layout plan with holding images and rough copy in place
  • A temporary welcome page while you complete your website
  • A place to collect email addresses.
  • Build your menus
  • Set up an account at the best image place to buy cheap images or have a few on offer
  • Get clarity on copy.  Aiming for concise and working together with images to achieve what is needed. We can edit and refine what you start.
  • Get you up to speed preparing images for the web
  • Set up a Facebook page


Essentials Training: One-on-one training to quickly get you set up with your website. Working at your pace we create a plan and then get to work. You will learn the basics and some tricks along the way.