From logo to launch we can help you a little or a lot. What do you need help with?

Building your website

Websites are your opportunity to start a conversation with your customers. We help you figure out what to say and when to say it. We offer a range of packages or tailor-made websites. All our websites have rich functionality and are easy to self-manage. Websites need to grow over time, and we can help you either a little or a lot with this process.

Social media

Once you have your website you need to reach out and invite people in. We can help. We work together to chose from the different channels from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. It’s like an internet itinerary where you meet and greet along the way!

Online strategy

A website is best when it is part of an full online strategy. A strategy clarifies who your ideals customers are and how to create a good experience for them while meeting your goals. It helps shape the details of your website and social media efforts, essentially identifying where to focus time and money resources. A successful strategy means realistic goals that are met.

The bits in between

We can help fill in the gaps. Just need a logo, or some web editing. Or perhaps a lesson on how to make changes to your website. We can help get it flowing in the right direction.

Our websites are rich in features and functionality. They are mobile-friendly, and easy to self-manage.

Get started on a worksheet

Make a Splash - $900

This is a super special one-page website. It has numerous sections linked to from the top menu. You get a versatile page with a strong message.

It is a great option if you are short on time to write good copy, you want a fast presence or you want to focus attention on social media marketing. It can also be used as a glamorous front page.

Get Going - $1400

We get you up and running with a modern looking website representing you and with a simple navigation.

We work together to identify key things to communicate and how to do so effectively. We set you up with a the structure, menus and a few images. You complete the details. It suits the smaller business wanting a simple website. You will get 4-6 pages.

Get Focused - $2400

We work together to understand your business goals and how to integrate them into your website. Then a plan is created for your website. We guide you on copy and images so it is effective. From there we get to work.

This option suits a business with a bigger online presence or wanting more input to to design a more thoughtfully crafted website.