How we work: We adapt to the ever changing landscape of web communication. We use WordPress, robust plugins. And of course we work with your to help you reach your buiness goals.

We choose to use WordPress as it is robust and widely used therefore there is lots of support for it. Its good for us and its good for our customers as you can up-skill yourself to become independent from people like me! We like sharing knowledge as it makes people feel good 🙂 . Shortly we will be offering workshops.

We integrate the following plugins to the Up and Away package. You will then be ready to self manage your site.
Backup Buddy, / Vault – free version
Word Fence – To give greater protection to your website.
SEO Yoast – This will help optimise your site for search engines.
Contact 7 form builder? Useful if you want to build more complex forms
Google Analytics – ease of use plug in – need a gmail account to activate this

A long list of Free Images Online

Yep Images Impact Great images are like fairy dust on a website. They drive brands, create mood and tell stories. Most websites use online image resources in some way. So while the long term plan might be to have a photoshoot here are some great image resources with...

How to create great website experiences

Great website experiences start by understanding your audience and what will be of value for them. Add to this you knowing what you can offer them, and how to create through the careful selection of images, video and words. Sounds simple enough, however while it is...

Essentials Training

To get started immediately fill in a form to let me know where your business and skills are at. I will reply with the three top 3 things that will make the greatest impact to your online presence. In Essentials Training you will quickly move towards having the website...