Add-ons: For specific functionality that your business needs.

Our add-ons

Jump Start Digital Strategy - $250

A digital strategy provides a road map on how to reach your potential customers. It ensures clarity and direction to all your marketing channels. These channels feed each other and are all used slightly differently.

It means you know what you want to achieve when building your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram etc. The plan reflects your time and your budget.

Things covered include:

  • business goals
  • social marketing tasks
  • web copy and how to structure it
  • creating calls to action, lead magnets for your website

You will come away with a list of tasks and time frames and know where to focus your efforts. From there you can then implement this yourself or you can get us to do it for you.

Dynamo page - $600

Dynamo page is a long page made up of many sections. Often used as a single-page website or as a glamour front page.


  • 5-6 sections linked to from the top menu or linking to pages in your website
  • a contact form


  • short on time
  • with a focused message
  • wanting to focus on social media marketing
  • wanting a glamorous front page

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Live Chat

Live Chat means you can be there for your website visitors in real time.

Logo - $600

We offer a way to get a good logo while keeping the process uncomplicated. It begins by us understanding your goals, values and ideas you have about how you want to be seen and who your ideal customer is.