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Wedding websites we build and maintained for 3 years.

Wedding Post

Wedding post enabled couples to choose a ready-to-go design and then get lots of functionality to make sharing their wedding easier and more special. RSVP, venue details, present lists, and of course all the photos after the event. it was then paid for online. Built in 2003 – 2004 it was unusual to have a wedding website for your wedding rather than being the norm like it is now.

The site is still live but not used anymore. View here

The Abundance Network - A new way of thinking about the system we live in

The Abundance Network

This is a website where we have done it all including the copy. It is a copy heavy website and it hopes to be political in impact while appealing to people to get involved with their community and positive actions in general.

Jackie Segers - A holistic health educator and practioner

Jackie Segers

Jackie is a holistic health educator and practitioner. The website has inviting and lovely images to convey the care and luxury that her service is offers.

Other business projects

Weddings Online

Weddings Online was a full directory service enabling brides and grooms to find wedding services. Highly functional where vendors could create lovely pages in many categories. No longer active.

The Abundance Network

The Abundance Network is a website investigating what is abundance and how can we generate it for all in our societies.

Wedding Post

New Zealand’s first wedding template building website. Couples could get the word out easily and share all the essentials when creating their own wedding website.

A web acrobat

Having worked for Zivo in the early years of the web an obscure playtime website was created to say we like to jump about making things work online.

First website eva

Making a website for our hat party. Not everyone had internet access but it didn’t matter it was cool in our eyes! Hence no longer active.