What we do: We can create a logo, a website or a full online presence. Meeting your business goals online is our passion.

What we can help with

Create a road map for an online strategy

An online strategy means websites and other online channels are selectively used to enhance your business through appropriate communication, and it helps you conduct your business while reaching your audience. Developing your strategy means having a path to follow. This reduces surprises and stress as you know where you are heading. A strategy navigates all the different channels from social media such as Facebook and twitter to the details involved guiding people through your website. A good strategy helps you achieve your business goals.

Brand development to speak on your behalf

A strong brand sets you up for years. It represents your values and tells your story and helps develop trust with your customers. We can do a full branding exercise with you. It is a great process as you learn just how powerful and effective developing your brand can be. We can help you with just your logo or with your all the parts of your brand identity. The branding generally follows an overall business strategy.

Use words and graphics to tell your story

A website is a representation of your business. It needs to convey who you are through the thoughtful use of words, graphics and other media. We love to work with our clients to draw out and share their story and values. It is the craft of website design and getting it right will create a total experience for you visitors.

Use great tools to build and manage websites

A content management systems are now the norm and they enable website owners to easily manage a website.

The days of an internet guru or a heavy duty coders are behind us. We used to build our own CMS’s but now we adapt and work with what we see as the best available on the market. We use WordPress as our content manager. After we set you up we give you a username and password so you can enter a secure area to make changes to the text, images and videos etc

In the old days in the early 2000’s we coded and did the hard yards. Now we utilise these skills while choosing and adapting to what we see as the best tools to create solutions and get good online representation for our clients. We use as much of what is existing and available as possible so it saves us time and you money.

The CMS we use is WordPress. We love it as it is industry standard, has lots of support and functionality and lots of people already know it.